Advantages to using a sealer:
  • It will extend the service life of your patio or driveway
  • It will enhance the colour of the concrete
  • It is easy to apply
  • It will seal any cracks that have formed
  • It will prevent mold and mildew growing through

If you are thinking of renovating an existing patio or would like a new driveway installed then call us on 0800 7471354 or 07765 946119.

We install many driveways throughout the Kent area and have seen how bad some of the driveways we have had to replace look. This is due to poor maintenance and the driveways not being sealed when they were first laid.

The things to look out for

Unsightly cracks and mould are just two of the things that can form on your driveway when a sealant hasn’t been used. Your paving can discolour and fade over time. Rain will not run away as much as it should, leaving puddles on your driveway.

Maintaining your driveway regularly is important but having it sealed is essential. Superior Drives and Patios can seal asphalt driveways, concrete and imprinted concrete driveways at a competitive price. We can also seal new patios and pathways that have just been installed.

Driveway sealing is a simple and cost-effective way of protecting your driveway and patio. We recommend that this service should be carried out every couple of years by a professional company like ourselves. If you have been unfortunate in not having your new driveway or patio sealed, then we are more than happy to carry out this service for you.